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Perform Your Way Through University

Getting a well-rounded education is critical in the current job market scenario. If you are wondering how you can pursue your theatrical passion without missing out on a great education, you should not rule out the college experience. There are many ways to focus on your career in performance while still joining your peers and

Shakespeare’s Top 5 Plays

1. Hamlet The play is set in Denmark and it follows the story of a Danish prince called Hamlet. He seeks revenge on the killer of the King, his father. The man who killed his father is, actually, his uncle Claudius. He becomes new King and marries Hamlet’s mother. The play expresses deep emotions and

Most Extreme Theater Costumes Ever Worn

Theater involves live acting on stage and it also involves one or more individuals. Plays that are performed on stage are meant to nurture arts through performances as well as to entertain the spectators. There are different types of clothes that can be worn by the actors on stage to suit the environment as well

Kabuki Theater – 歌舞伎

Japanese performance arts such as dance and theater have a millenary history, given they are closely related to the Chinese culture. In the beginning, the Chinese Empire extended all over Asia, including the islands and territories that today Japan is comprised of. It is therefore appropriate to look at Chinese history and culture when talking

Want to Nurture Your Talents Through a Performing Arts Degree?

Want to Nurture Your Talents Through a Performing Arts Degree? If you love music, dance or theatre, the answer might be a big YES. Many people think that performing is all about pretending. This perception partially explains why we have fewer scholars in the music and theatre industry. A person may not realise the value

Tragedy Analysis Part III: Death of a Salesman

Stage Directions “An air of the dream clings to the place, a dream rising out of reality” is the main premise, and it is carried out by the careful arrangement of the scenography, the orchestra and the lightning, which complements each other in a way worthy of a cinematographic piece of work. Charlie’s Offer and

Tragedy Analysis Part II: Death of a Salesman

Opening Scene Happy is a highly competitive person and he has no principles whatsoever, except for those related to competitiveness and capitalism, and shallow values imposed by his father. He is also fairly insecure. He is a younger version of Willy; Willy who fails to realize that Biff is no longer the overachieving child that

Tragedy Analysis Part I: Death of a Salesman

Play Analysis: Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller The inside of Willy Loman’s head, i.e., his deluded mind and the trances (and memories) he repetitiously falls into would not have been possible to portray without carefully planned stage directions. With the help of the scenography and through the evocation of certain imagery, such as

Performing Arts: Theater

Theater is a type of fine art which relies on live acting, carried out by one or more actors or performers on stage. It is a type of performing arts that represents stories acted in front of spectators or recorded by a camera, using a combination of speech, gestures, props, music, scenography, stage clothes, sound

La Divina Commedia

The Divine Comedy (Divina Commedia) is a poem written by Italian poet Dante Alighieri, who was renown towards the end of the Middle Ages. The exact date it was written cannot be determined but it is estimated that Inferno was written between 1304 and 1307, Purgatorio between 1307 and 1313 and Paradiso between 1313 and