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Greek Tragedy and Tragedy

Greek tragedy is a type of theater whose origins can be traced back to Ancient Greece during the 5th century BC. The purpose or importance of Greek Tragedy was such for the inhabitants of classical Athens that it became a sort of religious ceremony and promoted social values and principles. Another term for referring to

Comedy and Commedia dell’ Arte

Comedy It is a discourse of humorous nature aimed at amusing the audience and originated in Ancient Greece. In Athens’ theaters, during the first democracy, people who could cast vote were exposed to political satire played by actors or poets, which could affect the way candidates were portrayed. Greek comedy is often defined as a

Theater in Ancient Greece

Theater in Ancient Greece Theater of Ancient Greece or simply Greek Theater is a cultural movement that took place in the Ancient Greece between the years 700 BC and 220 BC. Athens, the most important city in Greece at the time was a rather influential city in terms of politics, culture, and even armed forces